Video marketing for social media is a part of my in-house and freelance work.  Below are some examples of my video editing/post production work including motion graphics/animation.

You’ve been Selected by "V.E.R.N.” (360 video)

I directed, animated, and edited this 360 immersive experience. Customers on a special list are sent a special package from a secret agency. Inside are a packet of instructions, and VR googles that use to receive this confidential communication.

Turnkey Pro Mofu

I took raw footage shot at a small local studio, and edited it along with motion graphics to create a brief, middle-of-the-funnel argument for using the new product.  I was also the make-up artist.

Ballet Test

Testing the 2D animation abilities of Blender.

Sierra Short Teasers

For a short time, we tested shore "vine-like" videos on social media.  I edited them from raw footage of previously shot commercials.  Feel free to enjoy the whole playlist.  It got a bit weird.